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Super Metroid Map Rando

After planet Zebes exploded, Mother Brain put it back together again but arranged it differently this time.

Can you find the items needed to defeat Mother Brain and restore peace to the galaxy?

Important tips

  • Saves are fast. Save often, to avoid losing progress.
  • Don't go a way you can't come back from, except as a last resort.
  • Before giving up, check the spoiler map to see what the game intended.
  • This game can be challenging. There is a community happy to help. Find us on Discord!

How to not get stuck

Randomized maps can lead to tricky scenarios. The game should always be beatable, but there are many ways that you could get stuck. If selecting a difficulty higher than "Basic", it is recommended to take a close look at the list of tricks that are expected. If a trick is enabled that you don't know about, the game could require it, making it seem as if there's no way to progress. You can disable any trick if you don't want to do it.

It is very possible to get caught in places that you can't escape. For example, you could fall down through crumble blocks or water without the items needed to get out. Learning to manage these kinds of risks is one of the unique challenges of this randomizer. The game has features to make it less painful in case you do get stuck, and to help you prevent getting stuck:

  • You can quickly reload your saves using the shortcut L + R + Select + Start.
  • If you save in an area you can't escape, you can load an earlier save by repeating the quick reload shortcut.
  • Hazard stripes appear on certain doors where the other side has an immediate risk of softlock or death.
  • The game logic won't expect you to go down a one-way for an item unless there is some way out without using the item (though this could be by some other path that loops around).

It's usually best to explore all other options first, before considering going down a one-way path. It can take some practice to learn to consistently be aware when you are going a way that you can't come back from.

You may encounter a scenario where a one-way path opens up to a large area with many items that you can collect. This kind of "rabbit hole" is the most dangerous softlock risk in the game. It can be tempting to fully explore such an area, hoping or expecting to find an item that will let you get back out. Beware that this strategy is likely to fail, and if you use all three save slots in this area then you will be permanently stuck. Instead, taking into account how the game's logic works, when going down a one-way, prioritize finding out if there is a path back out without relying on collecting items. If you cannot find such a path, it is usually best to cut your losses and immediately reload to an earlier save and try going a different way.